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Using Lync 2010 client in Office Communications Server 2007 R2

for those who want to use Lync 2010 client with Office Communicator Server 2007 exists a quick solution. Lync 2010 is not supported in OCS 2007 R2. You need to add following registry hack in order to get [...]

Windows 8 Pro upgrade only 39.99$

Upgrading to Windows 8 will not be expensive. Microsoft announced the prices and they are looking promising.   Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 users will qualify for an upgrade to Windows 8 PRO [...]

How to Delegate the Windows Domain Controller Rights

The following article show how to grant a user the same level of rights as an administrator of a member server or a workstation on a domain controller while preventing that user from having rights to Active [...]

How to turn off User Account Control (UAC)

You can turn off User Account Control (UAC), but I don't recommend you to do that. It weakens the overall security of your Windows system.   To turn UAC off in Windows 7, type UAC in the Start menu [...]

How to demote Windows Server Core Domain Controller

DCPROMO command with a graphical interface can't be run on Server Core. You will have to create an unattended answer file to perform the demotion.   The quickest way to create this file is to run [...]

Defragmenting the Active Directory Database

The Active Directory database will eventually become fragmented, just like any other database does. Windows Server 2008 performs behind-the-scenes maintenance tasks in an effort to keep the database healthy, [...]

FSMO Roles definitions

In a Domain forest, there are five FSMO roles that are assigned to one or more domain controllers. The five FSMO roles are: Schema Master:   The schema master domain controller controls all [...]

Transferring FSMO Roles

  Active Directory domains utilize a Single Operation Master method called FSMO (Flexible Single Master Operation). In most cases you can keep the FSMO role holders in the same Domain Controller [...]

Defragment Disk in Windows 7

When ever your machine is making frequent writes and deletions from your hard disk, your hdd will become fragmented. Fragmentation means that files are not consistent and not contiguous, and thus fragmentation [...]

How To Find Out Your Computer Host Name From the Command Line

The easiest way to see your computer name in Windows is to just hit the Win+Break key combination, which will pop up the System pane from Control Panel. You can also check it using command line. the [...]